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Success Stories

IURTC works hard to make the technology commercialization process easy for IU faculty and researchers. Learn more about the people who have worked with IURTC and how their discoveries are improving lives, fueling innovation, and bringing new economic development to Indiana.

Yvonne Lai and Anantha Shekhar

Start a Company

Yvonne Lai and Anantha Shekhar have cofounded Anagin, a SpinUp company on a mission to revolutionize post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) treatments.

Professor Nicholas Port

Research Collaboration

Optometry professors Nicholas Port and Steve Hitzeman developed groundbreaking eye tracker technology for detecting brain injuries in athletes with a grant from NIH.

Professor Afshin Izadian

Protect Intellectual Property

Engineering professor Afshin Izadian invented a new class of power inverter that promises to improve renewable energy products. IURTC helped him through the patent process.

Professor Dawn Neumann

Start a Company

IU School of Medicine professor Dawn Neumann started a company with IURTC that is redefining the way emotional health disorders are diagnosed and treated.

Professor Ken Yoshida

License a Discovery

Biomedical Engineering professor Ken Yoshida, with IURTC's support, has developed a revolutionary tool to track bioelectric signals within the body that is more efficient and economical.

Professor Michael Kubek

Fund Research

Professor Michael Kubek discovered an innovative method for delivering medication to the brain. IURTC helped him patent his discovery and secure additional research investment from Citizens United for Research in Epilepsy (CURE).

Professor Ann Eisner

Protect Intellectual Property

Professor Ann Elsner and her team developed a low-cost diagnostic camera that can help diagnose diabetic retinopathy, which leads to vision loss and blindness, at the earliest stages, when treatment is still possible. IURTC helped them with the patent process.

Professor Johnny He

License a Discovery

The laboratory of Professor Richard DiMarchi is exploring new therapeutics for treatment of diabetes and obesity. 

Professor David S. Wilkes

Start a Company

Professors David S. Wilkes and Michael Klemsz started ImmuneWorks to develop a new treatment that may help improve the success rate of lung transplant surgery.

Professor Ali Jafari

Start a Company

Professor Ali Jafari and student David Mills approached IURTC in 2000 for help starting up ANGEL Learning. In 2009, their company sold to Blackboard, Inc., for $100 million.

Ted Widlandski, IU Professor of Chemistry

Working with IURTC

Professor Theordore Widlanski works to promote the importance of economic development among Indiana University Faculty.