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"Each time I was asked a question, it sparked ideas for more research and development, and disclosures and patent applications. In some sense, IURTC helped me develop my ideas and added value to them."

Portrait of Professor Afshin Izadian who invented a new class of power inverter that could lead the way for renewable energy products.

Afshin Izadian, Assistant Professor of Engineering Technology

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Success Stories

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Afshin Izadian

Assistant Professor of Engineering Technology

Afshin Izadian of IUPUI School of Engineering and Technology has done what many thought impossible.

Izadian invented a new class of power inverter that uses just a single switching transistor and generates infinite-level voltages. This means potential for more efficient and cheaper renewable energy products.

He successfully built a prototype that can power a 110V, 60Hz fan. Izadian and his team of graduate students continue to work on making this technology commercial ready—and he credits much of his success to Indiana University’s support.

This innovation comes at an opportune time when going green is not only a trend, but vital for the energy needs of the future. Izadian’s inverter promises to improve renewable energy technologies, such as solar power and electric vehicles.

“My long-term goal is to make the inverter work for a spectrum of applications. In particular, I am interested in single phase, household devices, and low power. It can also be used in vehicles as the same circuit can generate AC and DC voltages,” Izadian says.

Izadian initially contacted IURTC during his first semester at IUPUI in 2009. In 2013, he co-founded a company with its sights set on fundraising to further develop and validate the technology for specific applications. IURTC continues to support Izadian’s work.

“IURTC worked closely with Afshin to form a robust intellectual property portfolio that protects the many features and anticipated uses of the technology, which ultimately enhances its value in the eyes of commercial partners,” says IURTC Technology Manager Sanjay Thakrar.

“I would like to thank IURTC and IUPUI for providing opportunities for me to pursue this research,” says Izadian. “Discussing ideas and answering technical and nontechnical questions with IURTC technology managers helped enormously in maturing technologies and developing research plans.”

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