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"As we move towards a product, we look forward to continued support and guidance from IURTC to help navigate the unfamiliar waters that will surely come our way."

Portrait of Professor Ken Yoshida who developed the Universal Invertible Amplifier, technology that can read and process activity from multiple sources in the body.

Ken Yoshida, Associate Professor of Biomedical Engineering

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Ken Yoshida

Associate Professor of Biomedical Engineering

Doctors have relied on bioelectric measures to monitor activity within the body for decades, such as ECG testing for heart health. This method has been effective, but current technology only tracks signals from single sources within the body.

Ken Yoshida has developed a more efficient method, and IURTC is backing him every step of the way.

Yoshida, IUPUI School of Engineering and Technology professor and founder of SpinUp company Refer2Input (R2i), designed a single unit technology able to read and process electrical measures from multiple sources in the body. It’s called the Universal Invertible Amplifier (UIA) system and can track brain, heart, optical, and musculoskeletal activity simultaneously.

This all-in-one tool is revolutionary in its efficiency and flexibility. When multiple devices are needed, the costs involved multiply as well—something R2i seeks to eliminate.

“There is a need to be able to capture and integrate signals originating across multiple tissue sources within a single, universal system to both effectively and economically provide dynamic bioelectric measures,” says Joe Trebley, who acts as business manager of R2i.

With IURTC’s guidance, R2i received a Phase I Small Business Technology Transfer award from the National Institutes of Health (NIH) totaling over $200,000. The funds enabled R2i to build and test a UIA system prototype. In addition to fundraising, IURTC has filed patent applications and provided R2i with the facilities it needs to continue development.

“Besides being an incredibly talented and bright researcher, Dr. Yoshida is motivated to translate his work beyond his university lab,” says IURTC Technology Manager Wes Pennington. “His entrepreneurial passion is admirable and his work is impactful, so this is a perfect partnership for IURTC.”

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