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Welcome from the President & CEO

Tony Armstrong, Assistant Vice President for Engagement and President and CEO, IURTCIndiana University research has been responsible for everything from the first anti-cavity toothpaste (Crest, 1937) to the treatment that cured cyclist Lance Armstrong’s cancer. It is vitally important to ensure that important discoveries reach the people who can benefit from them.

Indiana University Research and Technology Corporation (IURTC) was founded in 1997 to assist IU faculty and researchers in bringing their best ideas to the marketplace. From helping secure the appropriate legal protection for their discoveries, providing office and lab space to refine them, and finding the right business partners to market them, IURTC plays a critical role in bringing IU innovation to the world.

By forging a strong connection between IU’s vast intellectual resources and outside capital providers and companies who want to license those discoveries, IURTC is working hard to make IU’s finest work available for the benefit of Hoosiers and others around the world. These relationships do more than creating new jobs and opportunities for Indiana; they provide critical revenue for teaching and research during a time of economic uncertainty.

If you are an IU faculty or staff member, we invite you to share your discoveries with one of our technology managers. If you are interested in helping us bring IU innovation to the world as an investor or licensee, contact us.

Help us put IU research to work for Indiana.