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Success Stories

IURTC has helped dozens of IU faculty members protect their discoveries, fund research, license their work to outside companies, and even start their own companies. Read some of our success stories.

Working with IURTC

A Message to Indiana University Faculty about the Value of IURTC

Theordore S. Widlanski, Associate Vice Presdient, OVPE and Professor of Chemistry, IU

Theodore S. Widlanski, Associate Vice President, Office of the Vice President for Engagement, and Professor, Department of Chemistry, Indiana University

The mission of an Indiana University faculty member has always been teaching, research, and service. And service was always defined fairly narrowly. What people are starting to realize now is that faculty and the university has an obligation that goes outside those three areas, and that is economic development.

If we can create one medium-sized company here that generates a couple hundred jobs, we can have a huge impact on the economies of the cities that surround our campuses, as at our Indiana University Innovation Center in Bloomington. It will be really exciting to people who will point at it and say, "We can have companies there. We can have Bloomington-based companies that do high-technology life sciences and information technology." These are the places that are going to create jobs for people in the future.