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Working with IURTC

Ted Widlandski, IU Professor of Chemistry

Theodore S. Widlanski

Professor of Chemistry

"What people are starting to realize now is that faculty and the university has an obligation that goes beyond teaching, research, and service–and that is economic development." Read more »


IURTC technology managers have extensive experience in successfully guiding faculty through the commercialization process. Contact us.

Innovation Is an IU Tradition

Herman B Wells, the visionary president of Indiana University from 1938 to 1962 and University Chancellor until his death in 2000, recognized the unique contribution that faculty can make in the economic life of the state.

"What is the role of higher education in a program of industrial expansion?" he asked an audience of business leaders in 1937 during the height of the Great Depression. "We certainly can do something about providing the research and the research facilities which make a significant contribution to the welfare of our state and nation."

As Indiana works to transition from its traditional manufacturing and agricultural base to a more innovative, technology-driven economy, your research has the potential to stimulate economic development and job growth in our state.

Even if you have little business experience, you can make significant contributions to the future of Indiana’s economy by partnering with IURTC. Learn more about the technology commercialization process, read success stories from your colleagues who have worked with us, or begin the process by submitting a disclosure form detailing your research.