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Start-Up Company


IURTC can give you insight into the pressures and rewards of starting your own company to market your discovery. Contact us.

Start-Up Company

After you have gone through the processes of disclosing, evaluating, and protecting your discovery, how do you plan to bring it to market? Some IURTC clients prefer licensing their discovery to an outside business so that they can continue to focus on research and teaching. Others are entrepreneurs who prefer to start their own company.

Should I Start a Company to Market My Discovery?

Questions to consider when you are considering forming a company should include:

  • Will companies be concerned by the amount of additional investment and research needed before it can go to market?
  • Is it an unproven technology that will prevent partners from recognizing its true potential?
  • Does it have the potential to become several related products or services?
  • Does it demonstrate such an overwhelming competitive advantage or a large enough target market that risk seems minimal?
  • Can it yield sufficient ongoing revenue to fund business operations and fuel growth?

IURTC has helped launch a number of successful start-ups, including Assembly and Anagin. Our technology managers understand both the risks and the potential rewards and will work with you to make the best decision for your discovery.

A key part of IURTC’s mission is creating new Indiana-based companies in information technology and the life sciences. Should you decide to start your own business, we will be happy to provide business support.