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Technology Commercialization


Contact David Wilhite, Director of Technology Commercialization, or Bill Brizzard, Director of Technology Commercialization, for more information about sharing your research discovery with the world. 

Technology Commercialization

The positive effect of IU research on society goes beyond the lives saved by discoveries such as the human papillomavirus (HPV) vaccine or more effective treatments for testicular cancer. In fact, your research can benefit every single person in the state of Indiana through new Indiana-based companies, new jobs, and new opportunities.

We want to ensure that important discoveries aren’t confined to academic journals and conferences. If there is a pressing societal need or market demand that is met by your research, we are here to help ensure it comes to the attention of companies and investors with the resources to bring it to market. 

Whether you ultimately choose to work with an existing company or start a business of your own, you will continue to play an important role in the commercialization process. To ensure you have as much time available for additional research as necessary, IURTC takes the lead to navigate the legal, marketing, and licensing complexities of bringing your discovery to market.

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