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Contact David Wilhite, Director of Technology Commercialization, for more information about sharing your research discovery with the world. 

Technology Commercialization


Your Invention Disclosure Form will be reviewed by an IURTC technology manager with extensive experience in your field of study. They will generally conduct a preliminary literature search to determine:

  • If comparable technologies are already on the market
  • How this discovery compares to those technologies
  • Whether the discovery may require a patent or copyright
  • The time and investment that will be needed to bring your discovery to market
  • The size and growth potential of market demand for this technology

There are occasions when researchers prefer to make their discoveries available to the general public. Some technologies, such as software, are well suited for this licensing model, while others that require further refinement and testing may only reach the public if potential investors can secure an exclusive license. Review these resources for open source developers.

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