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Contact David Wilhite, Director of Technology Commercialization, for more information about sharing your research discovery with the world. 

Technology Commercialization


A company bringing products to market based on your discovery will require a license from IURTC. The license gives them specific permissions to adapt, promote, and sell in specific jurisdictions. Licensing agreements will spell out the specific rights and responsibilities to which each party is entitled. Generally, the license will require the company to bring your product to market and provide you and the university with fair compensation for your work.

Licensees are chosen based on their ability to successfully bring your discovery to market. Depending on the nature of your discovery, you may prefer to work with an established company with experience selling related products, or with a start-up dedicated exclusively to your product.

Typically, IURTC deducts any patent application expenses from licensing revenue and distributes the remaining net revenue accordingly.

Companies interested in licensing research tools can see a list of available technologies at: