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Contact David Wilhite, Director of Technology Commercialization, for more information about sharing your research discovery with the world. 

Technology Commercialization


If IURTC determines that your discovery has commercial potential, whether it requires further refinement or is nearly ready to go to market, the next step is finding appropriate business partners to license your innovation and complete the commercialization process. You may also consider starting your own company.

Taking a product to market can  be a lengthy process. IURTC takes the lead in identifying licensees, but this is one area where you may have the advantage—as many as 70 percent of licensees have an existing relationship with the inventor.

Your colleagues and peers are also an excellent source of potential licensing contacts. Publishing your work in academic journals and participating in conferences is a good way to raise awareness of your invention among prospective licensees. Be aware that the ability to patent your discovery is limited once you have publicly disclosed your work outside of IU—so check with your IURTC technology manager to make sure you are protected first.

IURTC also conducts market research that can help identify business partners, as well as companies who sell related technologies that may be interested in including your discovery in their existing product line. Inventions may be licensed to a single company or to multiple companies with different applications or in different jurisdictions. Our technology managers will work closely with you to build the right relationships.

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